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Szombathely Forestry Corp.

Address: H-9700 Szombathely,
Saághy István str. 15.
Telefon: +36 94-514-000
Fax: +36 94-329-973
E-mail:: titkarsag@szherdeszet.hu
Size of Forested Areas: 45370 ha
Autochthone Holzarten: oak, Austrian oak, beech, sycamore, ulnus, ashen, wild fruit, aspen, willow, alder, teil, birch, coniferous species

"Humans were given their minds not with the purpose of ruling over nature but with the purpose of following and obeying the rules thereof."

(Count József Eötvös)




The Short History

Vas County has been inhabited since the ancient times. The first significant impact on the life of forests was the development of the system of large estates. At this time, forests were divided into so-called prohibited and permitted categories. Permitted forests served the purpose of firewood supply, whereas in prohibited forests, pigs were fed on mast and timberwood was harvested.
The towns and the landlords relating to the spirit of the time were aiming at planned forest utilization already at that time so, for example, Kőszeg town was one of the first towns to have taken the measure of its forests and have started planned forest management based on such measured data.
Later, the Bavarian duke established a model forestry farm in Káld’s Wolf Forest. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the forests of Vas County were held by six major landlord families.

As a result of the nationalization procedure in 1945, the private estate system ceased to exist, and Szombathely Forestry Corporation’s legal predecessor the Forestry Cooperative was established. At that time, the Cooperative did not only manage the forests of Vas County but also those of Sopron County. In 1949, the Forestry Cooperative was transformed into an entity called National Forest Management Company, which changed its name to UNION FOR Forest management a year later. Following another change in the company’s name in 1961, it was registered as Szombathely Forestry Company. In 1969, the scope of the Company continued to widen as a result of its organization being integrated into that of Vas County Wood Industrial Company.

It was not before long thereafter that another change occurred: in 1974, the Company became one of FALCO’s divisions, and this organizational structure remained intact until 1992. Thanks to FALCO’s capital force, large-scale development projects were implemented during this time, as a result of which the Company could purchase machinery of the highest international standard.

Having separated from FALCO, Szombathely Forestry Corporation has been operating as an independent legal entity since 1st January, 1992. The Company manages an area of 47,225 hectares, out of which the forested area is 45,370 hectares. The managed areas are the Őrség region, Vas and Zala Ridges, Kemenesalja, the Vas County Hills, and the Written Stone Region. The Company’s mission is to implement professional, environment conscious and sustainable forest management and to maintain or even increase its current profitability, solvency, as well as to increase the value of its equity, besides continuing to provide public welfare services. The Company wishes to complete its mission in a way to assure that the managed Vas County forests shall have a reputation in accordance with their beauty and value as appreciated by both the public and the profession.

Szombathely Forestry Corporation’s core activity includes the production of reproductive matter of seeds and seedlings, forest management (forest cultivation, wood harvesting), timber and firewood trade, game management (organization of shootings), agricultural activities, as well as forest management and educational services. Further activities include construction works, transportation, as well as home and foreign trade. During its activity, the Company regards the requirements of welfare-focussed forest management and nature conservation as those of utmost significance.

The Company assumes public welfare functions as one of its core tasks, thus has established and maintains forest parks near the towns of Vas County so that city and town dwellers have the opportunity to recreate in the nature. The Company provides its forest parks with all facilities necessary for active recreation, and replaces these facilities should such replacement be required due to any impairment. In Szombathely Forest Park, for example, the Company has constructed a playground meeting the demand of our time in every respect, in order to provide for the recreation of the youngest generations.

Forest Stand

  • Size of Forested Area: 45,370 ha
  • Forest Stand Composition: Oak 18%, Beech 8%, Turkey Oak 10 %, Hornbeam 9%, Acatia 5%, other sclerophyllous species 3%, other soft-canopy species 1%, conifers 46%
  • Indigenous Tree Species: oak, Turkey oak, beech, maple, ulmus, ashen, wild fruit, aspen, willow, alder, teil, birch, conifers


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